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We understand the importance of ensuring your organization’s compliance by staying up to date to federal security standards. Use these 3 steps to help ensure a successful IT compliance audit each and every year!

Step 1

Subscribe to Continuum GRC’s IT Audit Machine IT Audit software forms necessary for your organization. Our ITAM IT audit software online compliance tool includes forms that will cover all facets of your organization’s compliance, governance and risk management needs.

Step 2

Complete ITAM IT audit software forms with your organization’s security processes. ITAM IT audit software forms include the most up to date industry security standards that are required for compliance audits. Using the ITAM IT audit software will decrease your compliance expenses and overall assessment cycle so that you can focus on your revenue.

Step 3

Print and submit completed ITAM IT audit software compliance forms for your organization’s compliance auditor’s review. Submit your company’s completed ITAM IT audit software security processes to our auditor with complete confidence that you have met all security and compliance standard requirements.


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