Every organization benefits from eliminating cyber security risks and the NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF) is an excellent starting place even if you already have other compliance requirements to consider.

Cyber security assessments, risk management, and compliance can be difficult without an automated system in place which helps you understand the full scope of requirements. Manual processes only cause unnecessary burdens and increase the likelihood of failures.

The ITAM smart digital hub leads you and your team through from start to finish systematically and rapidly saving time, trouble, and money.  Work smarter not harder with ITAM.

Continuum GRC Inc. offers you ITAM, an advanced automated software tool to streamline your NIST CSF compliance process and through our partnership with Gallagher Affinity, we are offering significant discounts to compliment your Cyber Liability Insurance policy.

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If you are ready to jump in and undertake the full NIST CSF compliance audit then this is the selection you want. Everything you need for compliance is custom created in minutes and ready to download once you complete the assessment module from Continuum GRC.

The easy to use assessment application allows you to easily upload evidence, make responses to questions, and produce official reports like the system security plan (SSP) to help prove evidence of your NIST CSF compliance status.

This assessment subscription from Continuum GRC will be available for up to one year and you and your team will be able to update your assessment reports as you input new information. The retail subscription price is $9,698 but through our partnership with Gallagher Affinity we've cut the cost to only $2,832.