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Policy & governance, rules, laws, and requirements, it's governance that serves as the foundation for any effective cybersecurity program by outlining the structure, authority, and processes needed to execute the organization’s cyber mission. Effective policies & governance stems from a clearly defined governance structure, stratification of authority, defined and well-communicated policies, and the supporting processes critical to enabling the program. Continuum GRC provides expert policy guidance through either the Policy Machine or professional services.

The types of policies & governance modules to select from include:

Is it a Policy, a Standard or a Guideline?

What's in a name? We frequently hear people use the names "policy", "standard", and "guideline" to refer to documents that fall within the policy infrastructure. So that those who participate in this consensus process can communicate effectively, we'll use the following definitions.

  • A policy is typically a document that outlines specific requirements or rules that must be met. In the information/network security realm, policies are usually point-specific, covering a single area. For example, an "End User Computing Policy" would cover the rules and regulations for appropriate use of the computing facilities.
  • A standard is typically collections of system-specific or procedural-specific requirements that must be met by everyone. For example, you might have a standard that describes how to harden a Linux server for placement on an external (DMZ) network. People must follow this standard exactly if they wish to install a Linux server on an external network segment.
  • A guideline is typically a collection of system specific or procedural specific "suggestions" for best practice. They are not requirements to be met, but are strongly recommended. Effective security policies make frequent references to standards and guidelines that exist within an organization.

To support this policy guidance effort, we provide the following services:

Program Management

Cybersecurity policies & governance continually evolve to meet dynamic threat environments and require diligence in program management to ensure that ongoing initiatives and objectives are achieved to fulfill the mission while simultaneously accounting for change.

Continuum GRC brings policy guidance to each customer engagement our extensive experience supporting large scale cyber security policies & governance programs and implementing formal program management disciplines. Continuum GRC leverages industry best practices and proven operational experience from initiation through implementation while identifying and reporting on key indicators of success. Our program management fundamentals focus on aligning initiatives, budgets, resources, tasks, and performance measurements to ensure our customers' cybersecurity programs achieve mission success.

Strategic Planning

Continuum GRC understands that a cybersecurity policies & governance program cannot be successful without defining specific short and long-term goals, as well as an overall execution strategy for achieving those objectives. We support our customers in determining information security priorities and identifying areas of high risk in order to develop comprehensive strategic plans for enhancing cybersecurity programs with our policy guidance services.

Aligning the mission and vision of a cybersecurity program with an organization's mission serves as a critical foundation for ensuring that the cybersecurity program has the appropriate resources, visibility, and focus within the organization. By providing a mission-oriented context for key stakeholders to understand the value proposition, we help our customers to build consensus and support for the organization's cyber initiatives, as well as obtain the necessary adoption across the enterprise to be successful.

Policies & Governance Management

Cyber security policies & governance serve a critical component within an organization's risk management process. Policies define risk tolerance for the organization, ensure that it maintains compliance with overarching regulations and guidance, and establish accountability for the performance of the cybersecurity program. Managing the lifecycle of a policy from development through implementation requires careful planning to ensure that the policy is achievable and measurable. Similarly, it is critical to avoid common pitfalls in policy development, such as defining policies that are too granular or too ambiguous to ensure that the enterprise properly implements the policy.

Continuum GRC develops cybersecurity policies & governance to ensure that the organization establishes and maintains compliance with federal regulatory and statutory requirements, industry standards, and best practices. Our policy guidance approach is grounded in developing policies relevant and achievable within our customers. environments utilizing seasoned experts in the field who are internationally published and awarded. We also leverage the power of The Policy Machine for organizations interested in rapid readiness and policy guidance. Perfected by years of audit scrutiny. Vetted by all the top auditing firms. The Policy Machine produces custom policies that stand up to international and domestic rigor.

The types of policies & governance modules to select from include:

The types of policies within these groups include:

  • Information Systems and Technology Security Charter
  • Information Systems and Technology Security Policy
  • Asset Identification and Classification Standard
  • Information Classification Standard
  • Information Labeling Standard
  • Asset Protection Standard
  • Access Control Standard
  • Remote Access Control Standard
  • Physical Access Control Standard
  • Encryption Standard
  • Availability Protection Standard
  • Integrity Protection Standard
  • Anti-Virus Standard
  • Information Handling Standard
  • Auditing Standard
  • Asset Management Standard
  • Configuration Management Standard
  • Change Control Standard
  • System Development Life Cycle Standard
  • Life Cycle Management Standard
  • Legal Hold Management Standard
  • Case Management Guidelines
  • Acceptable Use Standard
  • Internet Acceptable Use Standard
  • Social Computing Guidelines
  • Electronic Mail Acceptable Use Standard
  • Telecommunications Acceptable Use Standard
  • Software Acceptable Use Standard
  • Misuse Reporting Standard
  • BYOD Acceptable Use Standard
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Management Standard
  • Vulnerability Assessment Standard
  • Vulnerability Management Standard
  • Threat Assessment and Monitoring Standard
  • Threat Assessment Standard
  • Threat Monitoring Standard
  • Incident Response Standard
  • Security Awareness Standard
  • Management Security Awareness Standard
  • New Hire Security Awareness Standard
  • Employee Ongoing Security Awareness Standard
  • Third Party Security Awareness Standard
  • Security Awareness Accessibility Standard
  • End User Computing and Technology Policy
  • Change Advisory Board Charter
  • Policy Acknowledgement Form
  • Security Incident Report
  • Notice of Policy Noncompliance
  • Universal Access Control Form
  • Request for Policy Exemption
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Employee Confidentiality Agreement
  • Hold Harmless Indemnification Addendum
  • Compliance Matrix
  • Incident Response Plan

The Challenge

Security, Privacy, Risk and Cyber Law is increasingly complex. You are charged with delivering policies & governance guidance to your employees that they understand. Continuum GRC gives you everything you need to succeed. The Americas, Europe, Asia, MENA or wherever strong IT security policies and governance documentation is needed, Continuum GRC delivers the foundation your company needs through our policy guidance services.

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