NIST Issues Revised Guidance for Bolstering Federal Email Security

NIST SP 800-177 Rev. 1 was written with federal email security in mind, but SMBs can also use the guidance to secure their email systems. Email breaches can be just as destructive to organizations as customer data breaches; just ask Sony Pictures and the Democratic National Committee. A breach of a federal government agency’s email… Read More

Hybrid Cloud Security Lags Behind Implementation

Hybrid cloud security survey shows that most organizations are implementing hybrid clouds far faster than their security teams can manage them. For many organizations, particularly those in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, hybrid cloud environments offer the best of both worlds. Companies get to enjoy the easy scalability and other benefits of AWS, Microsoft… Read More

Cyber Attack Costs Can Cripple Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Think your company “can’t afford” cyber security? How much will a cyber attack cost? Cost is arguably the biggest impediment to robust, proactive cyber security at small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). SMBs are aware of the need to secure their systems and data, but when presented with a solution, the costs may give them… Read More