Are You Protected Against the 5 Top Healthcare Cyber Threats?

The 5 top healthcare cyber threats, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ new guide The financial impact of healthcare cyber attacks can be devastating, especially to small organizations. The HHS points out that the healthcare industry has the highest data breach cost of any industry, at an average of $408 per… Read More

The 6 Most Common Cyber Security Mistakes Employees Make

These common cyber security mistakes could get your company hacked. With an estimated 90% of cyber attacks caused by human error or behavior, it’s important to understand the most common cyber security mistakes your employees are probably making and know how to mitigate them. Becoming victims of phishing schemes Stolen login credentials are the most… Read More

Chinese Hackers Pose a Serious Threat to Military Contractors

Chinese hackers have successfully breached contractors for the U.S. Navy, according to WSJ report. The years-long Marriott Starwood database breach was almost certainly the work of nation-state hackers sponsored by China, likely as part of a larger campaign by Chinese hackers to breach health insurers and government security clearance files, The New York Times reports.… Read More