Docker Hub Hack Compromises Sensitive Data from 190,000 Accounts

Is Docker Hub hack a harbinger of increasing cyber attacks on cloud containers? According to an official email sent to users, hackers gained access to Docker Hub, the official repository for Docker container images, “for a brief period.” However, during that “brief period,” approximately 190,000 user accounts were compromised, containing data such as usernames, hashed… Read More

Hackers Can Use DICOM Bug to Hide Malware in Medical Images

Hackers Can Use DICOM Bug to Hide Malware in Medical Images  DICOM bug enables hackers to insert fully functioning executable code into medical images A newly discovered design flaw in DICOM, a three-decade-old medical imaging standard, could be used to deliver malware inside what appears to be an innocuous image file, a researcher from Cylera… Read More

Arizona Beverages Ransomware Attack Halts Sales for Days

Poor cybersecurity practices complicated recovery from the Arizona Beverages ransomware attack. What appears to have been a targeted ransomware attack knocked over 200 networked computers and servers offline at Arizona Beverages, one of the largest beverage suppliers in the U.S., TechCrunch reports. The attack, which the company was still struggling to recover from two weeks… Read More