Cybersecurity “As-a-Service” and the Benefits of Third-Party Security Providers

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Of all the upheavals and challenges we’ve seen in the past few years; cybersecurity is one of the most important topics emerging in 2021. Newsworthy attacks on SolarWinds and Colonial Pipelines have prompted the White House to release an executive order dictating a new set of collective cybersecurity standards for government agencies and contractors. Following that, private companies associated with the supply chain have also begun to adopt stricter security controls based on their risk profiles and reliance on cloud-based service providers. All of these organizations, from agencies to contractors to utility companies, are turning to cybersecurity as-a-service models to meet these demands. 

It seems like everything is “a service” these days, but it is important to realize that as modern cybersecurity threats evolve, it’s nearly impossible for individual organizations to keep up. Dedicated, expert compliance and security firms are rising to fill the gap and keep our systems safe. 


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