Mitigate privacy risks to your customers and organization!

Privacy risk can exist throughout the data life cycle, so it is important to manage and govern data properly. A number of privacy risk management activities can be undertaken during the data life cycle. Designing a privacy risk management framework is the first step to ensuring data validation and data protection, monitoring and controlling data, and complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

The Continuum GRC ITAM SaaS platform has privacy modules available such as:

Audit and compliance modules for risk

Compliance Gap Assessments

A compliance gap assessment is a systematic evaluation of an organization's compliance with relevant laws, regulations, industry standards, and internal policies and procedures. It is conducted to identify areas of non-compliance or gaps in existing compliance processes and controls. The assessment aims to compare the organization's current state of compliance to the desired or required level of compliance and identify areas where corrective actions are needed.

During a compliance gap assessment, various elements are reviewed, such as policies and procedures, internal controls, training and awareness programs, record-keeping practices, and data protection measures. The assessment typically involves a thorough examination of documentation, interviews with key personnel, and sometimes even physical inspections of facilities.

Once the assessment is complete, a report is generated outlining the identified gaps, their significance and impact, and recommendations for closing those gaps. These recommendations may include process improvements, policy revisions, training programs, or the implementation of new controls. The purpose of this assessment is to help the organization enhance its compliance efforts, mitigate risks, and meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Modules include:

  • Stage 1 Gap Assessment - PCI
  • Stage 1 Gap Assessment - SOC 1
  • Stage 1 Gap Assessment - SOC 2
  • Stage 1 Gap Assessment - NIST 800-171
  • Stage 1 Gap Assessment - NIST 800-172
  • Stage 1 Gap Assessment - NIST 800-53
  • Stage 1 Gap Assessment - CJIS
  • Stage 1 Gap Assessment - IRS 1075
  • Stage 1 Gap Assessment - IRS 4812
  • Stage 1 Gap Assessment - StateRAMP
  • Stage 1 Gap Assessment - FedRAMP

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