Continuum GRC's integrated risk management solution provides a Roadmap to Risk Reduction by delivering comprehensive, customizable, and intuitive enterprise solutions.

There are many reasons why Continuum GRC's ITAM assessment application is the top-ranked governance, risk, and compliance solution for global businesses and service providers, but these are a few.

Continuum GRC Document Generation

Document Generation

  • Rapid Document Generation
  • Blockchain Cryptographic Chain-of-Custody Evidence Management
  • A.ITAM A.I-driven documentation development
  • Digital Signatures
  • Policy Management
  • Audit Mode Change Control
  • Change Detection Indicators
  • Customizable Templates
  • Template Management
  • OSCAL, Multipart Excel, Word, CSV Spreadsheet, PDF, and TXT Document Output (POA&M, SSP, etc.)
  • Easy Branding and Formatting
  • Complex Auto Mapping-Cross Module Synchronizations
  • Robust Document Management and Library Features
Continuum GRC Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security

Continuum GRC Dynamic Dashboards

Dynamic Dashboards

  • Risk Heatmaps
  • Consolidated Executive Review
  • Nested Entity Heatmaps
  • CrossView Heatmaps
  • Gantt Project Management
  • Compliance Status
  • Risk Rating
  • Task and Deliverable Reports
  • Gap Reports
  • Timeline Performance
  • Real-Time Charts, Graphs, and Maps
  • 999 to -999 Point Score Driven Report Palettes
  • Dashboard Integrations
  • Automatic Scores and Calculations
  • Micro and Macro Reporting Graphics
  • Real-Time Dashboards
  • Data Trigger Logic Reporting
  • Hundreds of Custom Configured Reports
Continuum GRC Integrations and Connectivity

Integrations and Connectivity

  • Access Management with AWS, Microsoft, Google, Okta, Ping, and more
  • Vulnerability and Penetration Tools with Saint, Tenable, and more
  • Project Reporting and Status with JIRA and more
  • Forms, CRM, and Surveys with Survey Monkey, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and more
  • Documents, Calendars, and Scheduling with Sheets, Google Calendar, and more
  • 100's of other mission-critical business applications using our integration tools
  • Boolean Logic Application Connectors
  • Webhook Enabled
  • Automatically Provisioned Connector Code
  • Import-Export Data Management
  • A.ITAM Machine Learning
  • ChatGPT, YouChat, Bing Chat, and more
  • Continuum Commando remote CLI connector
Continuum GRC Easy Automation

Easy Automation

  • Auto Mapping Between Standards
  • Dynamic Importer Migration Tool
  • Auto Mapping with Custom Forms
  • Continuum Commando Evidence Collector
  • Workflow Management
  • Change Control Indicator Triggers
  • Show-Hide Logic
  • Conditional Logic Event Triggers
  • Intuitive Event-Driven Form Navigation
  • Action Triggered Notifications
  • Dynamic Form Expansion and Contractions
  • External Application Logic Integrations
  • Risk Registry, Control Flagging, and Iconic Tagging
  • Inventory Management
  • A.ITAM A.I-driven control responses
  • OSCAL management
Continuum GRC Creativity Tools

Creativity Tools

  • Drag-n-Drop Build Tools
  • Control Group Risk Categories
  • Form Cascading and Smart Linkages
  • 25+ Flexible Form Field Elements
  • Video, Animations, Static Graphics, and RSS Syndication
  • Advertising and Notification Slider and Pop-ups
  • Rich Text
  • International Languages and Currency Support
  • No Programming Required
  • Brand, Theme, and White-Label Ready
  • Auto Builder Import Tool
  • Global CSS Control
  • Control Groups
Continuum GRC Advanced Communications

Advanced Communications

  • 26 languages supported
  • Workflow Reporting and Scheduling
  • Task Aging and Reminders
  • Messaging Automation
  • Administrative Notifications
  • Communication Scheduling and Reminders
  • Advanced Message Formatting
  • Event Trigger Logic Multi-Tiered Messaging
  • External Messaging Integrations
  • Event Trigger Notifications and Redirections
  • Action ITAMs scheduler notifications
Continuum GRC Innovations and Agility

Innovations and Agility

  • Patent Pending
  • A.ITAM A.I-driven integration
  • Day-One Availability and Productivity
  • Paradigm Shifting Assessment Methodology
  • Industry Disrupting Technology
  • Rapid Customization Capabilities
  • Customer-Friendly Innovation Support
  • Extensive Enhancement Pipeline
  • Robust Customer Community
  • Dynamic Data Integrator Migration Tool

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