Continuum GRC Feature Videos

Roadmap to Risk Reduction: Continuum GRC has streamlined the process even more by providing an integrated risk management solution incorporating ALL the frameworks the world has to offer. With just a couple of clicks of your mouse, you can be on your Roadmap to Risk Reduction and a better future for your organization.

A.ITAM Therefore ITAM: Continuum GRC A.ITAM machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that enables Continuum GRC to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. It involves training a model on a large dataset and then using that model to make predictions or classify new data.

Continuum GRC Entities and Accounts Feature: In the Continuum GRC IT Audit Machine, there are three different types of access accounts, User, Administrator, and Examiner, that align with an individual’s role in the governance process. Each type of account has a distinct purpose in the system, though some capabilities do overlap.

Blockchain Crypto-Chain-Of-Custody Evidence Management System: This powerful feature, gives you confidence that the evidence and ownership information in ITAM is valid and safe from tampering. Better yet, the Evidence Management System is built into Continuum GRC; no additional installation or configuration is needed.

Continuum GRC Auto Mapping Explained: Auto-Mapping saves time and effort by simplifying the process of entering and editing data across hundreds of forms, spanning all the world’s standards.

Self Attestation VS Third Party Attestation: You rely on companies to deliver secure platforms and services to your business. These companies are the front line against hackers who would destroy the business you’ve worked so hard to build. When it comes to verifying that these companies are measuring up to the appropriate standards, how can you tell?

The Continuum GRC User Portal Guide: A simple guide to learning the fundamentals of User Portal access and management.

The Continuum GRC Admin Portal Guide: A simple guide to learning the fundamentals of Admin Portal access and management.

Up and Running Quickly with ITAM: The Continuum GRC ITAM SaaS assessment application is ready when you are. Unlike the “other solutions” out there that take weeks and even months of complicated setup, expensive training, and consultants, ITAM is ready to get to work on day one.

Getting started with ITAM: Setting up Continuum GRC is as easy as 1-2-3. Your portal is ready on day one.

Continuum GRC ITAM Unified Assessments: The workflow is simple. Answer a compliance question once and ITAM automatically maps it to all your separate assessment requirements. Adding additional frameworks takes only minutes and even adding your own custom requirements is easy using our drag-n-drop creation tools.

Continuum GRC ITAM GRC IRM: Continuum GRC’s ITAM platform consolidates the world's compliance requirements into a single organized process eliminating the duplication of your work. By using the Continuum GRC ITAM software tool, you can eliminate consultant fees. Save money with Continuum GRC ITAM!

Your Business is at Risk: Risk management and assessment is the practice of assessing an organization’s security systems against possible vulnerabilities and gaps to determine how much “risk” is acceptable as part of doing business. Factors like compliance, emerging threats, and changes in technology and business operations all play an immense role in how security experts manage the risk their organizations are willing to take on, and how much they will invest in their cybersecurity infrastructure.

How-To Training

Basic Navigation

How to understand and navigate the functional options inside the system.

How to navigate with menu options inside the system.

How to navigate forms and modules inside the system.

How to navigate using the search feature inside the system.

How to navigate using the My Forms toolbar features inside the system.

Account Management

How to register an account.

How to create your account.

How to manage your password.

How to manage your multifactor authentication (MFA).

How to invite a user to your portal entity group.

How to navigate your portal account entity information.

How to review your individual audit and activity logs.

How to make changes to your My Entity entries.

How to make changes to your profile's "Other Settings" entries.

How to make changes to your My Entity entries.

Documentation Management

How to manage your documents using My Documents viewer.

How to delete your documents using the document manager.

How to download your documents using system viewers.

Functional Explanations

How to use Action ITAMs.

How to use the User and Examiner Priority Dashboards.

Certification Training