The Coronavirus (COVID-19) meets Cyber Security

Real-word viruses and their online counterparts COVID-19 or the Coronavirus is changing life as we know it. From simple handshakes to finding toilet paper, life has changed tremendously over the past several weeks. Not only is this virus a physical threat, but it is also a threat to cyber-security. Different scams, phishing emails, fake news,… Read More

Deploying Mobile Devices Securely For The SMB

Secure Mobile Device Deployments As we all know, mobile devices have become not an integral part of the workplace, but even in society. Therefore, the safe deployment of these devices is of paramount importance not just for individuals, but businesses and corporations, government agencies, as well as other entities. For example: Mobile devices have indeed… Read More

Shadow IT Management & Why It Is Important To The SMB

What Is Shadow IT? It can be defined as follows: “Shadow IT is the use of information technology systems, devices, software, applications, and services without explicit IT department approval. It has grown exponentially in recent years with the adoption of cloud-based applications and services. While shadow IT can improve employee productivity and drive innovation, it… Read More