Continuum GRC's integrated risk management solution provides a Roadmap to Risk Reduction by delivering comprehensive, customizable, and intuitive enterprise solutions.

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Continuum GRC is a modular solution. DIY solutions do not require administrative access, while Enterprise and MSP solutions do. Enterprise options are designed for one company, whereas MSP options are designed for managing many customers.

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Continuum GRC Select the Modules You Need

Select the Modules You Need.

With hundreds to choose from within these categories, you are sure to find the solution you need.

  • Audit & Compliance Framework Modules
  • Risk Assessment & Management Modules
  • Governance & Policy Development Modules
  • Custom created modules
Continuum GRC Select the Access You Need

Select the Access You Need

Only Enterprise and MSP solution options require administrative access. DIY solutions do not.

Roles Explained

  • How many users do you need?
  • How many administrators do you need?
  • How many examiners do you need?
  • Will you manage multiple customers or internal departments in your Continuum GRC system?
  • Do you only need access to the Continuum GRC modules without system administrative access?
Continuum GRC Select the Hosting Security You Need

Select the Hosting Security You Need

  • Organizations with Federal and or CUI data will need FedRAMP Authorized AWS GovCloud hosting, otherwise, AWS hosting is just right.
  • Do you require a dedicated Continuum GRC system or just access to our modules?

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