Comprehensive Integrated Risk Management Solutions are available for all the world's standards!

Our risk assessment modules all participate in auto-mapping to the global compliance frameworks, saving you time and trouble. Even better, our real-time scoring, reporting, and dashboards help you stay current and compliant.

Build your own risk module easily, or use our preconfigured inventory covering:

Audit and compliance modules for security testing

IT & Cybersecurity Risk Identification, Assessment, Analysis, and Mitigation

Continuum GRC IT and Cyber Risk Management software empower organizations to adopt a focused, business-driven approach to managing and mitigating IT and cyber risks. Organizations conduct IT risk assessments, implement controls, and take necessary mitigation actions. Advanced cyber risk quantification capabilities help quantify cyber risks. Sophisticated analytics and reports transform raw risk data into actionable IT risk intelligence, providing clear visibility into the top cyber risks affecting the organization.

Please visit the IT & Cybersecurity Risk Management page for more information.

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