What is IRS 1075?

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The federal government has strict and comprehensive regulations on how agencies handle constituents’ personal information. This is just as true for tax information. The IRS leans on established guidelines associated with federal security to dictate regulations for agencies that handle tax information and, by and large, treats that information as a sensitive and critical part of operations. These guidelines are housed in the robust regulatory document called IRS 1075. 


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What is SOX 404 Compliance?

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Corporate compliance is a major undertaking for a few reasons–IT systems become complex, work forces grow to hundreds of individuals with different levels of access to information and public corporations must file difficult financial and security attestations annually to prevent fraud. 

One of the essential forms of financial and IT compliance for publicly-traded companies in the U.S. is SOX 404 compliance, or compliance with Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. 

Learn more about SOX 404 and how it might impact your company.


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What Does a PCI DSS Audit Look Like?

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PCI compliance is a hot topic these days. While payment processing seemed like the domain of large enterprises and retailers, the expansion of cloud-based processing and online storefronts have blurred the lines between processors, merchants and secure, compliant systems. 

Many organizations seek their PCI compliance certification to cover their bases with payment processing and data storage. As these enterprises collect card data, payment information, and other data types, this compliance helps them maintain good standing with the credit card companies and their customers. 

Learn the basics of PCI compliance and auditing in this article. 


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