Work smarter, not harder with Continuum GRC.

Extensive, intuitive automation, integrations, and intelligent engineering dramatically improve the governance, risk, and compliance lifecycle strengthening your business.

Extend your workforce. Support more clients. Increase your competitive profit margins.

Power-up your audits with Continuum GRC

Continuum GRC streamlines the auditing process by saving auditors time and expanding their client network.

Zero Cost Referral Network

Join the Continuum GRC partner referral network at no cost. Our customers need your services and we refer them to you. Negotiate your own client contracts. Obtain program details here.

Training Provided

Continuum GRC partners are provided with FREE certification training on the Continuum GRC solution. We set you up for success.

Continuum GRC Advanced Communications

Integration Support

Continuum GRC integration support is available to clients and partners who subscribe to them. Automate thousands of integration solutions to streamline ongoing support of the hundreds of governance, risk, and compliance modules in the Continuum GRC ecosystem.

A.ITAM and Automapping Support

Continuum GRC machine learning and automapping support are available to clients and partners who subscribe to them. Accelerate and eliminate technical writing and test writing by more than 60% leveraging our A.ITAM technology. Weild the power of Continuum GRC's automapping between all the world's frameworks in real-time saving up to 100% of the time required to complete an assessment.

Service MORE clients in less time while maintaining competitive margins!

Continuum GRC Select the Access You Need

Collaborate with Partners

Continuum GRC provided the tools that are needed for both clients who work with readiness partners AND audit partners simultaneously in one place. Generate all the official documentation and reporting needed inside the Continuum GRC SaaS solution. Continuously monitor and sustain client programs with ease over the life cycle of your client relationships. 

Continuum GRC Select the Hosting Security You Need

Transfer Service

When you decide to host your clients inside your own instance of Continuum GRC, we provide secure transfer services to move your existing programs. There is no cost for this service as a Continuum GRC subscriber.