CVE-2024-3094 Utils and Vulnerabilities in Federal Linux Systems

Linux bash script

Over the past week, a new vulnerability in the Linux operating system and the XZ compression utility has led to a new security alert and an immediate call to roll back some new updates. While this threat is a massive problem for federal IT systems relying on specific Linux distributions, it also highlights how poorly managed open-source projects can fundamentally undermine federal security. It also demonstrates how state-sponsored actors can use these projects as a staging ground for more extensive Advanced Persistent Threats. 


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When Should You Work with a CMMC RPO vs. a C3PAO?

Glowing log surrounded by digital artifacts

CMMC is a complex undertaking. Depending on where you are in your certification journey, you could require consulting, assessment, or both. Fortunately, the CMMC program includes training and authorization for two distinct types of organizations: Registered Provider Organizations (RPOs) and Certified Third-Party Assessment Organizations (C3PAOs), each offering different services. 

We’re discussing these organizations and which one you might want to engage with when preparing for CMMC certification. 


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