Find out why ITAM is considered to be the best assessment tool available for your IRM and GRC needs and proactive cyber security!


ITAM is the patent pending, industry changing assessment creation tool designed specifically for the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) market space but where infinite possibilities exist even outside of the GRC and cybersecurity realms due to the intelligence and simplicity of the patent pending ITAM application framework.

ITAM IT Audit Machine ROI

Typical IT Audit Machine ITAM usage for includes Audit and Compliance Assessments associated with FedRAMP, PCI DSS, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, ISO 27001 and all others; Risk Management Assessments associated with ISO 27005, NIST Special Publications and all others; and Governance and Policy Development to describe a few but not all possible use cases.

If you have a current User Portal subscription, please login otherwise contact us for subscription assistance. There is an IT Audit Machine compliance program for you! Custom ongoing subscriptions in dedicated SaaS environments are available. We offer custom frameworks, questionnaires, assessment forms and many other great tools available from Continuum GRC, LLC. Just ask us about our capabilities!

The IT Audit Machine’s Administrative Portal is where the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) magic happens. Infinite possibilities exist within the intelligence and simplicity of ITAM even outside of the GRC and cybersecurity realms.

Would you like to take the IT Audit Machine out for a test drive? If so, please contact us for assistance with access to both the Administrator and User Portals within our dedicated demonstration SaaS platform. Our clients are always coming up with new ways of using the intelligent and intuitive power of ITAM and we look forward to seeing how you will leverage it too.


Holistic governance in security, privacy, risk and cyber-law is increasingly complex. You are charged with delivering GRC guidance to your organization that they understand. The IT Audit Machine gives you everything you need to succeed. The Americas, Europe, Asia, MENA or wherever strong IT security policies and holistic GRC is needed and we deliver the foundation your company needs.

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