Understanding API Security

API Security featured

One of the fastest-growing security attack surfaces is the Application Programming Interface (API). These functions allow programmers to tap into distributed services like data retrieval or social media broadcasting, vastly expanding the interoperability of different software tools. Accordingly, because API access often requires connecting to or using sensitive data, this presents significant security risks. 

We’re talking about API security and how it can impact your compliance strategies. 


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What Is Passwordless Authentication?

passwordless authentication featured

Passwords are our oldest form of digital security… and, in most cases, one of the weakest links in identity management and authentication. Phishing, database breaches, and poor digital hygiene have made authentication challenging for security and compliance. They have become the quintessential keys to our online kingdoms.

As cyberattacks grow more sophisticated, there’s a mounting urgency to move beyond traditional passwords. That’s where passwordless authentication comes in. But how does this new approach to technology work in terms of compliance and regulations?

This article will discuss passwordless authentication, its benefits, and how it fits your compliance requirements. 

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What is the Difference Between Cybersecurity and Compliance?

Cyber Security and Compliance

Words like cybersecurity and compliance are often interchangeable without much care taken with how they differ. But make no mistake: while they are related practices, both are different approaches to a common problem of cybersecurity threats. 

Here we break down the differences and, more importantly, why these differences are important for when you have to meet compliance requirements or undergo audits. 

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