Thousands of Websites Infected in Massive Cryptojacking Attack

Hackers installed cryptojacking malware by compromising a popular browser extension Thousands of websites, including government sites in the United States, the U.K., and Australia, were ensnared in an international cryptojacking scheme, The Register reports: The affected sites all use a fairly popular plugin called Browsealoud, made by Brit biz Texthelp, which reads out webpages for… Read More

GSA Proposes Changes to Federal Contractor Cyber Security Rules

Stronger GSA Federal Contractor Cyber Security Rules Are Coming The General Services Administration (GSA) is planning to tighten up federal contractor cyber security requirements regarding sensitive non-classified data, according to a Federal Register Notice dated January 12. The rules would cover internal contractor systems, external contractor systems, cloud systems, and mobile systems. Technically, the proposed… Read More

5 Best Practices for Complying with SEC, NFA FINRA Cyber Security Standards

Complying with SEC, NFA FINRA Cyber Security Standards  Both the SEC, NFA and FINRA have indicated that they will put heavy emphasis on cyber security enforcement throughout 2018. While FINRA is explicit – among other things, it publishes a cyber security checklist and a detailed report on best practices – the SEC’s guidance is far… Read More

5 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Should Put IRM Before GRC

Gartner Is Shifting Its Focus Toward IRM, and You Should, Too Over the summer, Gartner announced that it was moving its focus away from GRC and launching a new Magic Quadrant for integrated risk management, or IRM: IRM enables simplification, automation and integration of strategic, operational and IT risk management processes and data. IRM goes… Read More

GDPR Compliance Means Transforming Your Data Governance

Data Governance Is at the Core of GDPR Compliance Organizations have until May 25, 2018, to comply with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Arguably the most comprehensive, far-reaching data privacy law passed to date, the GDPR grants European consumers numerous new data privacy rights and places new data governance responsibilities on organizations.… Read More