The Role of Compliance in Operational Resiliency

resiliency with compliance featured

“Resiliency” is a word that gets thrown around a lot by professionals interested in the continuity of business in times of disruption. The fact is that depending on the industry and business model, resiliency is more akin to a science than anything else. Professionals measure things like logistics, statistics, risk and operational effectiveness to balance preparedness and operational efficiency. 

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SolarWinds and SUNBURST: The Technical Risks of State-Sponsored Terrorism

solarwinds hack bug

The news cycle for anyone connected with cybersecurity has been dominated by information regarding the SolarWinds hack. This breach, starting with a single cloud and security provider, has now become a national emergency as more and more private institutions have become infected with potentially dangerous results.

As this situation unfolds, we wanted to touch base and provide background into the underlying methods and strategies used by the hackers. Following that, you can see how the attacks took place not just because of vulnerabilities in a system, but through an interconnected network of systems made vulnerable by one vendor. Finally, we provide some basic concepts to consider for your company’s security moving forward. 

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The Impact of Quantum Computing on Cybersecurity

quantum computing

In December 2020, Chinese researchers claimed to have developed the fastest quantum computer in the world. This computer, built using quantum particles and using light as a medium, can perform calculations exponentially faster than classical computers.

What is currently the bleeding edge of computing and scientific research tends to become the norm at some point, and as such security experts are watching these developments closely. Quantum computing could disrupt modern cybersecurity and its reliance on the limitations of traditional computing.

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