What Does it Mean to be FISMA Compliant?

FISMA compliance featured

The Federal Information Security Act, or FISMA, is a comprehensive cybersecurity law that has a widespread impact on federal agencies, state agencies handling federal programs and contractors and service providers working with these agencies. As such, its effect is wide-ranging, and FISMA requirements often overlap or inform other, more specific compliance frameworks.

However, at its core, FISMA dictates some of the basic and most fundamental cybersecurity practices that governed organizations must adhere to. Learn more about what it means to meet FISMA compliance. 


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FedRAMP vs. FISMA Compliance: What is the Difference?


Working with federal agencies can be a big boon for enterprise and SMB service providers. Not only are they working in a lucrative and challenging space, but they can also provide critical infrastructural support to the operation and defense of our country. The regulations, however, can prove a nightmare. For example, should you adhere to FISMA vs. FedRAMP? What is NIST? Who can I work with to help me get started? 

Here, we’ll answer one of the more basic and important questions: What is the difference between FedRAMP and FISMA authorization? Depending on the type of services you offer, you could be working through a set of similar, yet slightly modified, regulatory obligations. 


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