What Is A Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA)?

DPIA featured

New data security regulations include, or foreground, the role of data privacy in compliance. Many of these, like GDPR and CCPA, make data privacy a primary concern and expect businesses to meet stringent requirements about protecting the integrity of consumers’ Personally Identifiable Data (PII). One practice stemming from GDPR requirements is the Data Privacy Impact Assessment  (DPIA).

In this article, we’ll discuss DPIAs and some challenges organizations might face in preparing for them.


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What Is the European Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for Cloud Services (EUCS)


The European Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for Cloud Services (EUCS) is an initiative to establish a unified certification process for cloud services across the EU. Cloud services and associated managed services are critical to most government and business functions, and the EU follows the example of other jurisdictions in focusing explicitly on this area of cybersecurity with the EUCS framework.

This article aims to discuss the framework of EUCS and explore the practical implications of this scheme for cloud service providers and their users. 


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Europrivacy and GDPR Assessments

Europrivacy GDPR

One of the ongoing challenges of GDPR is its (until recently) fragmented compliance and assessment approach. The requirements of GDPR are relatively open–they focus on standards and expectations, not implementation. Therefore, many assessment tools and frameworks have emerged to address the situation. Recently, Europrivacy has risen as a potential centralization of assessments under a common set of rules. 


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