Mirai Botnet Attacks Likely Pulled Off By Teenagers

The recent Mirai botnet DDoS attacks were the largest on record – and they were likely masterminded by teenagers. In October, a massive DDoS attack on the Dyn DNS “Managed DNS” infrastructure brought down a number of major websites, including PayPal, Twitter, Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify. The attack was accomplished through the use of the… Read More

Cyber Forensics Protect the Innocent

Cyber Forensics Protect the Innocent It is always rewarding when cyber security and cyber forensics protect the innocent.  Monique Vivien Macias of KPNX 12 News Phoenix discusses with Lazarus Alliance and Continuum GRC’s CEO Michael Peters how cyber forensics has become such a vital resource in law enforcement’s toolkit. Christopher Thomas McKenna, the former Chaparral High School… Read More