Ultimate Security: Data Breach Prevention in 2023

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According to a recent report by IT Governance, there were over 70 data breaches in June 2023 alone–accounting for compromising over 14 million data records. Once these records are out in the open, they are often sold on the dark web. Following that, it’s just a matter of time before hackers can use this data to breach accounts and hack into larger systems. 

Unfortunately, data breaches can happen through several attacks–social engineering, identity compromise, or direct threats to applications and infrastructure. 

Here, we will talk about what it means to stay ahead of potential data breaches. It takes a comprehensive approach to threat detection and prevention across several levels of security, none of which are more or less important than the other.  


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StateRAMP, Subnetworks, and Boundary Security

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StateRAMP guidelines include network security standards from NIST 800-53, with specific requirements for implementing those guidelines based on the application and data processing. Implementing boundary controls is one of the more relevant and sometimes challenging aspects of compliance network security. Here, we will dig into how StateRAMP (and FedRAMP, to some extent) approach subnetworks and boundary security.


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