What Does a PCI DSS Audit Look Like?

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PCI compliance is a hot topic these days. While payment processing seemed like the domain of large enterprises and retailers, the expansion of cloud-based processing and online storefronts have blurred the lines between processors, merchants and secure, compliant systems. 

Many organizations seek their PCI compliance certification to cover their bases with payment processing and data storage. As these enterprises collect card data, payment information, and other data types, this compliance helps them maintain good standing with the credit card companies and their customers. 

Learn the basics of PCI compliance and auditing in this article. 


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How to Prepare for the Upcoming PCI DSS 4 Update

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The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a voluntary security framework to help protect customers and merchants against the theft of credit card data during POS transactions. Like many other compliance frameworks, PCI DSS has continually evolved over the years to match new technologies and new threats to the privacy of consumers shopping online and off. As of 2021, the PCI Security Standards Council has announced the newest version of PCI DSS, version 4.0.

While the official documentation for the updated standard has, as of March 2021, not been released, many merchants and banks are preparing for the transition. Here are some basics into PCI DSS and the move to version 4 coming Summer 2021. 


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PCI DSS eCommerce: The Cybersecurity Landscape for Retailers in an Always-on Digital Market

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While online retail isn’t a new phenomenon, many retailers are still behind when it comes to proper security measures for this form of business. With fraud claims and chargebacks rising exponentially in 2021 due to quarantine and increased online customers, these security measures related to PCI DSS eCommerce are only becoming more necessary, not less. The landscape for retail cybersecurity is changing, and technology and business operations must continually change with it. 

Here, we’ll discuss some of the security surfaces that retailers face, and why compliance with frameworks like PCI DSS is so important. 

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