What is Application Scanning and Why Is it Important?

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Security isn’t simply something to consider during audits. In today’s evolving threat landscape, new attacks are emerging every day, and security experts are racing to stay ahead of them. The best approach to mitigating security is to maintain proactive cybersecurity practices, including testing, self-assessments and application scanning. 

Because many organizations are using or deploying web applications, application scanning is an increasingly necessary utility. Learn more about application scanning and why it’s essential for your business. 


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What Is a Zero-Day Exploit?

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With the news of the log4Shell bug making the rounds on industry and mainstream media, security experts are scrambling to address the implications of widespread bug patches and shared open-source utilities.

Here, we wanted to address some terminologies around the bug, specifically references to this bug representing a zero-day exploit. We’ll define zero-day exploits, why they are so dangerous and how security firms address them. 


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How Can Penetration Testing Help with Risk Assessment and Management?

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Risk management is emerging as a necessary practice for large enterprise businesses and SMBs alike. It isn’t the case that you can simply plug into a cloud provider, operate a few servers on-prem and install firewall and malware protection to call it a day. Risk management is a real process that requires insights into your systems and their operations, and practices like penetration testing and vulnerability scanning can help with that process. 


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