Continuum GRC Auto Mapping Explained

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Continuum GRC Auto Mapping Explained

The Continuum GRC Auto Mapping feature is explained.

Achieving compliance with a National, State, Industry, or Security standard is often a time-consuming, and painfully tedious task.  The amount of information which needs to be reviewed, compiled, and verified can be daunting. To complicate things, if you have more than one standard to comply with, these pain points grow exponentially!

Reaching certification is a true achievement and should be celebrated, as it is often one of the keys opening the door to your organization’s goals.

But what if your organization needs to comply with more than one standard?  There are many standards which complement each other or are frequently sought in tandem like StateRAMP and CMMC, FedRAMP and SOC2, or GDPR and ISO 27701.  When seeking multiple certifications it only makes sense to look for ways to lessen the pain points and facilitate success.  One way to do so is to minimize the amount of data you need to separately gather and track.

Fortunately, many standards require similar information, but how do you go about collating and tracking where the standards overlap?  Once you understand where there is overlapping data, you still need to manually enter the information in multiple locations.  And what if you have to edit the information? Keeping track of the most recent version of the information manually is a recipe for mistakes and human errors. 

If only there was a way to simplify the process of mapping and entering duplicate data across multiple forms and standards.

Now there is, using the power of Continuum GRC’s field-level Auto-Mapping in the IT Audit Machine.  Field-level Auto-Mapping links data fields across multiple forms within the same organization, allowing data entered in one form to propagate to other forms sharing the same field. Auto-Mapping saves time and effort by simplifying the process of entering and editing data across hundreds of forms, spanning all the world’s standards. Simply activate any of the standard forms contained in the IT Audit Machine and the power of Auto-Mapping will keep them in sync for you.

Not only that, but ITAM’s Auto-Mapping feature is available for your organization utilizing the integrated custom form creation tool.  With a simple click, you can enable Auto-Mapping on your custom form and gain the benefit of cross-form mapping by following a few simple procedures. No complicated programming required!

The power of Auto-Mapping.  Just one more way in which the IT Audit Machine from Continuum GRC is simplifying Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Enjoy the power of Continuum GRC.

Michael Peters