Cybersecurity and Malicious Software: A History of Malware

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In the earliest days of what could be considered cybersecurity, the primary threats were malicious programs that would operate against the wishes of the machine and its operator. These programs, referred to as viruses, served as the progenitors of what we generally refer to in modern parlance as malicious software or “malware.”

Because the long history of malware and anti-malware protection is often the foundation of most compliance frameworks and approaches to cybersecurity, we’re touching on the topic, including what it is and how it has evolved. 


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What Are PCI DSS Future-Dated Requirements?

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The good news? PCI DSS 4.0 is out, but the adoption schedule for the new standard is quite generous. The better news? The PCI Security Council has decided to implement a tiered approach to adoption. The first will finalize when the previous version (3.2.1) is officially retired in 2024. The second, known as the “future dated” requirements, will have an additional year. 

This article will cover the future-dated requirements from PCI DSS version 4.0.


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Protected Health Information, File Sharing and Email

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Protecting patient information is a crucial and necessary part of healthcare… but so is communicating effectively with patients. Considering that email continues to be the most common form of electronic communication, it stands to reason that providers meet patients where they are. 

However, HIPAA regulations have rather strict requirements for protecting PHI, and plain email just doesn’t cut it. Here, we’ll discuss how to effectively use email to engage with patients without breaking compliance.


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