Europrivacy and GDPR Assessments

Europrivacy GDPR

One of the ongoing challenges of GDPR is its (until recently) fragmented compliance and assessment approach. The requirements of GDPR are relatively open–they focus on standards and expectations, not implementation. Therefore, many assessment tools and frameworks have emerged to address the situation. Recently, Europrivacy has risen as a potential centralization of assessments under a common set of rules. 


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Complying with GDPR Requirements and the Europrivacy Certification Mechanism

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GDPR certification is quickly becoming a topic of concern for enterprise businesses worldwide. With news of Meta’s record-breaking $1.3B fine from the European Union, companies are learning that data privacy and compliance in the EU is no joke. This article will dig into GDPR to discuss how organizations can approach their security and privacy with best practices. We also discuss the challenge of finding certification bodies and the emergence of a new standard–Europrivacy–that promises to streamline that process. 


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