How Can Penetration Testing Help with Risk Assessment and Management?

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Risk management is emerging as a necessary practice for large enterprise businesses and SMBs alike. It isn’t the case that you can simply plug into a cloud provider, operate a few servers on-prem and install firewall and malware protection to call it a day. Risk management is a real process that requires insights into your systems and their operations, and practices like penetration testing and vulnerability scanning can help with that process. 


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Penetration Testing and CMMC Compliance

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Penetration testing is an increasingly common security practice for many businesses using sophisticated IT or cloud systems. Under CMMC, penetration testing is even more important because achieving higher levels of responsibility and capabilities calls for some form of penetration testing. 

Here we’re discussing how penetration testing plays into CMMC regulations and when you can begin to expect it as a requirement. 

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What Are the 4 Types of Penetration Testing?

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In previous articles, we’ve discussed the basics of penetration testing and more advanced automated pen testing. The truth is that modern penetration testing has evolved along several different trajectories, all impacted by the unique demands of data-driven business. 

Here, we’ll cover the different, broad categories of penetration testing, and what they are intended to protect your systems from. Following this, you should be able to recognize, regardless of your compliance requirements, what penetration tests you would need to assess your comprehensive security posture. 


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