What Are the 4 Types of Penetration Testing?

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In previous articles, we’ve discussed the basics of penetration testing and more advanced automated pen testing. The truth is that modern penetration testing has evolved along several different trajectories, all impacted by the unique demands of data-driven business. 

Here, we’ll cover the different, broad categories of penetration testing, and what they are intended to protect your systems from. Following this, you should be able to recognize, regardless of your compliance requirements, what penetration tests you would need to assess your comprehensive security posture. 


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What is Automated Penetration Testing?

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In a previous article, we discussed penetration testing from the perspective of compliance and cybersecurity. While pen testing is often a core component of most regulations, it’s generally a good practice to consider using outside of just checking compliance boxes. A good way to do that is with a partner that can offer automated penetration testing. 

What is automated penetration testing? It’s the use of automation and other cloud tools to perform the basics of a penetration test. Sometimes mistaken for vulnerability scanning, automated penetration tests provide additional insight and continuing coverage that annual pen tests do not. 


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What is Penetration Testing

There are several types of testing in the IT market, each meant to address different aspects of security, operations and compliance. Penetration testing is a practice that can often span many of these aspects in meaningful ways, by providing security and system awareness across almost any facet of your organization’s technical operations. 

Here, we’ll start with an intro to the concept of penetration testing. In the near future, we will start to dig into the details of penetration testing for compliance, but here we will introduce some of the basics of what penetration is and why it is important. 

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