Streamline Compliance and Documentation with Continuum GRC AI

Streamline Compliance and Documentation with Continuum GRC AI

Automate reporting with machine learning and AI.

The Necessity of Accurate Reporting in Compliance

Documentation and reports are the end product and backbone of your compliance efforts. They are how your organization demonstrates compliance with relevant regulatory and governing bodies.

The importance of accurate and timely reporting is pretty standard across industries like finance, healthcare, and manufacturing:

  • Proof of Compliance: Documentation proves that an organization adheres to legal, regulatory, and policy requirements. It is often the first thing regulators or auditors ask for during their assessment processes. Without proper documentation, an organization may have difficulty proving it has met compliance standards, which can lead to fines, penalties, or worse.
  • Training and Awareness: Well-documented compliance procedures and policies are crucial for training new employees and ongoing staff education. They help inculcate a culture of compliance and ensure that all organization members understand their roles and responsibilities in maintaining compliance.
  • Risk Management: Documentation plays a critical role in identifying, assessing, and managing risks related to compliance. By keeping records of risk assessments, controls, and monitoring activities, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to mitigating compliance risks.
  • Continuous Improvement: Documentation of compliance-related activities, such as audits, assessments, and incidents, provides a basis for constant improvement. Organizations can analyze this documentation to identify trends, improvement areas, and the effectiveness of compliance efforts over time.
  • Legal Protection: In the event of legal action, compliance documentation can be invaluable in defending the organization’s actions and decisions. It can prove that the organization took reasonable steps to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Considering all of the above, speed, accuracy, and reliability are clearly critical. Yet, this process is often one of the primary bottlenecks impacting our clients’ compliance workflows.


That’s why we’ve decided to leverage generative AI to open those bottlenecks.

Introduction A.ITAM

The challenge and monotony of regulatory reporting and compliance documentation are that they are complex and prone to errors.

  • Compliance frameworks almost universally have pre-formatted report templates that organizations can use to complete their reports. These templates, however, can span dozens of pages of front matter with very specific documentation requirements or, in the case of control reporting, comprise dozens of sheets with hundreds of rows of information.
  • Completing these documents isn’t just about checking list items. Many require the work of a technical writer who understands the documents, requirements, and language to successfully compile all the information into a readable format.
  • Good writing takes time. Even the most seasoned technical writer can take days or weeks to take information and turn it into a usable report.
  • Even then, writers can make mistakes. Errors occur, and when they do, they can be costly in terms of time, money, and attention.

That’s why we’ve turned to generative AI to automate some of the most time-consuming tasks in the reporting process.


What Is A.ITAM?

A.ITAM is our new advancement in compliance and GRC technology. With it, we blend our already-robust ITAM platform with the power of generative AI to cut out extensive technical writing needs and provide you with accurate, fast, and readable compliance reports.

With A.ITAM, we use a proprietary Large Language Model (LLM) trained on a supervised training database that contains information on all our compliance standards and writing requirements, including the classification information needed to write effectively.

This information is fed into a supervised training model, which informs our proprietary machine-learning algorithms.

Finally, changes will inform our ML algorithms via the learning model as user input is taken and corrected over time.

The Results?

  • Automate writing for boilerplate content. This writing isn’t just the insertion of values into variables, however–it’s human-readable content that fits the needs of the report and your organization.
  • Document-specific writing interfaces. The writing and editing interface is structured based on the completed document or report. Each field will be open and editable, pre-populated with AI-generated content based on information specific to your organization.
  • In-depth editing. Writers and specialists can still tailor content based on the output and any contextual variables they have. Nothing is final, and all content can be structured and changed as needed–but you never have to worry about writing from scratch.

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A.ITAM Use Case: FedRAMP

Consider the required Security Assessment Plan (SAP) and the Security Assessment Report (SAR) that your organization must complete as part of your authorization.

As of this writing, the current SAP template is 33 pages and 6,700+ words. Furthermore, there are several different types of information to fill out:

  • Simple variable swaps (the names of your organization, the officers, the date, etc.)
  • In-depth information, such as all the background information required to describe penetration testing organizations and methods.
  • Dynamic information, such as points of contact, control descriptions, and the like.

Furthermore, the SAR report weighs in at 49 pages and 8,399 words and includes more in-depth fields covering:

  • Conforming and non-conforming controls
  • Risks identified, corrected, and remaining
  • Interconnected systems and included risks
  • Overall methodologies and documented test results.

Throughout your authorization, these two documents alone will take weeks of combined effort to compile, write, and process.

Not with A.ITAM. Our platform streamlines the entire workflow into a single, intelligent, and integrated process:

  • The ITAM system includes information on controls, testing, results, and other operational variables, which serves as the raw data for A.ITAM.
  • The A.ITAM LLM handles the writing. This doesn’t mean just copying and pasting that information; we use the raw data and our training models to craft human-readable content that can fill out any section of the report.
  • The end user (whether us or a member of your team) can interface with the individual pieces of this report. Each field is listed as it appears in the document, pre-populated with information from ITAM, and written by our generative AI. Editors and writers have full editing capabilities to finalize the text as they see fit.
  • Then, with a button, you can generate your final report.

Get Started with Continuum GRC and A.ITAM

Generative AI represents the future of compliance and cybersecurity. While there is much chatter about different AI tools in the cybersecurity space, we’re excited to adopt this new approach to compliance management.

With A.ITAM, you’re getting an automated technical writer who can take raw data and understand compliance on a framework-by-framework and document-by-document basis. The final result is:

  • Ultra-accurate reporting
  • Tailored content that is a step above boilerplate templates
  • Quick content rollout via generative AI
  • Complete control over the final product through a powerful editor

We see this as the next step in our comprehensive GRC services, which will completely reshape how you approach compliance now and over the next decade.

If you’re ready to streamline compliance, cut costs, reduce time investments, and automate the entire process, work with Continuum GRC and the new A.ITAM platform.

Get started with the newest frontier in managed compliance. Contact us to learn more about A.ITAM today. Call 1-888-896-6207 to get underway.

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